Fédération Phenixienne de Football

Phenixian Football

The Phenixian Football season is separated in 2 phases. The first phase is the clubs championship, the second phase is the States Cup. The States Cup is much more popular then the club championship even if the best clubs concentrates the best players from several states. For that reason, the roster of the confederate team is always given by state.

Voici l'équipe Nationale de Phenixia :

Number Name State Pos. Tit. Description statut Points
1 Carnus Francie G T Classic on-line keeper, very sure   5
2 Manuelito Coatepetl D T Left lateral defender with great passing ability, rough   5
3 Maximu Centre-Isthme D T Right lateral defender, makes little fouls   5
4 Obelix Eirin D T Tall and quick central defender   5
5 Lolo Greenice D T Free defender, may help midfield, good shot Bon 10
6 Fernando San Pedro M T Defensive Midfielder, very quick, average technique   5
7 Magnusson Svénie M T Right Wing Midfield,quick, Top passer of the team Bon 10
8 Lahziz Djumuriyah M T Offensive Midfielder, good passer, good shot Bon 10
9 Abedi Marley M T Slow but very good technician   5
10 Skoblar Sudestyoug S T Top Gun, Knows nothing but strike Star 15
11 Youri Sakhaykan S T Good striker but also good passer Bon 10
12 Marcel Senghor D R Very strong, good head player   5
13 Tresor Louverture D R Classic good defender   5
14 Baptiste Francie D R Quick defender, able to pass   5
15 Domenech San Jordi Puig D R Good but too rough to start Faible 0
16 Bartezou Marpogo G R Modern keeper, able to get balls far from line Bon 10
17 Jairzinho Samba M R Excellent dribbling ability   5
18 Pilouti Ile des Pins M R Free kick specialist, quick, good defender   5
19 Michel Val Saint André M R Very offensive midfielder, excellent shot   5
20 Anderson Neroluso S R Quickest player of roster, good shot   5
21 Muller Bundesreich S R Little and nimble, very astute striker   5
22 Justo Koule S R Slow but very powerful and precise shot   5

Cette équipe est membre de la nouvelle AFNF

Equipe féminine :

Slale Intal
Polla Hiswe
Papkir Hestur
Nulir Galshe
Mulhy Folsicr
Ligho Corog
Lanhe Coqui
Hilhe Copit
Glaha Camon
Fabgo Apamicic
Ethgo Abemax
Enargi Womar
Derfo Swumar
Basdi Suwor
Alfda Sotshi
Weica Stashe
Turbor Stisan
Tinbar Spasac
Sombi Sprob
Parbe Sparho
Nolwy Ropen
Lasve Pooch

Il s'agit de l'équipe du Sietch Badr, qui a gagné la dernière coupe des Etats Féminine.

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